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So We’re in March already! This is the month where Simon and I pack up all six years of our London flat and move to Newcastle. I’m feeling so inspired by this new start for us and I have lots of plans to introduce more natural and eco-friendly products into our home. I’m planning on DIY-ing a lot of them myself so I wanted to create a round up post of lots of sustainible projects.

Hopefully this will hold me accountable and I’ll actually get around to making most of them!

A beautifully organised kitchen pantry via  Organised Home

A beautifully organised kitchen pantry via Organised Home

I’ve been scouring Pinterest, Instagram and blogs to find doable DIY versions of home, cleaning and natural beauty products - I’ve recently realised just what a life saver almond oil is! Some ladies who have really inspired me are Farmhouse on Boone, Seeds & Stitches, Oh Wild and Jessica Rose Williams. I highly recommend that you take a look at their blogs if you’re looking to simplify your life and make some sustainible adjustments.

Image by  Amy Kisner

Image by Amy Kisner

Wooden Brushes

I really want to swap out the usual sponges we use for a lovely collection of wooden scrub brushes. The washing up sponges always get so ratty and I think they look pretty ugly too!

Image from  Glitter Guide

Image from Glitter Guide

Homemade Bath Salts

The thing I love about this DIY idea is that it’s so easy. All you need is either sea salt or Epsom salt, your favourite essential oils and perhaps a scattering of dried flowers and herbs. It makes me feel a bit silly for buying expensive bath salts in the past!

Image from  Organised Home

Image from Organised Home

Re-Purposing Glass Jars

I have to admit that there’s a part of me that wants to buy brand new and uniform glass jars for my dry goods but I know that is wasteful in so many ways. Instead I’m going to make sure that I re-use condiment jars and old kilner jars instead. Plus, there’s something charming about old mismatched jars.

Image from  Jojotastic

Image from Jojotastic

Essential Oil Room Spray

This project ticks a few boxes, not only would it be incredibly relaxing to make but your home will smell fantastic too. I fully believe in the magic of essential oils, they have the power to help calm or invigorate us and I never have a bath without a few drops of oil.

Image from  Food 52

Image from Food 52

Fabric Bowl Covers

You can buy these covers from lots of shops, they’re quite easy to find online and especially places like Etsy. However, if you have basic knowledge of a sewing machine I think these would be so quick to whip up yourself. I’d love to make some blue stripy ones.

Image from  Cashmere and Plaid

Knitted Scrubbing Sponge

If you can crochet or knit I think this would be a lovely little crafts project. I have so much brown twine so maybe I could figure out a way to make one of these with out knitting it.

image from  Boxwood Avenue

image from Boxwood Avenue

Homemade Cleaning Products

The idea of making my own laundry powder, washing up liquid and all purpose cleaners fills me with so much joy! There are lots of recipes on Pinterest but it seems that borax and castile soap are must haves! Boxwood Avenue has these cute label downloads as well as lots of recipes.

Moisturising Bath Soak

These DIY bath milks contain oats, powdered clay and dried flowers. I think they look so pretty and would make amazing gifts. In the winter my skin gets so dry so I know I would love to make this recipe.

Image from Food 52

Image from Food 52

Beeswax Food Wrap

I would love to cut out using tin foil and cling film, I’m not sure how easy that would be but it’s actually quite rare that we use that stuff anyway. I’m sure as soon as I make the switch I’ll never look back. BTW am I the only one who’s mind is blown whenever I see people using kitchen roll? Theres just no need!

Image from  The Pastiche

Image from The Pastiche

Amber Glass Bottles

I’m planning on making my own hand wash and shower gel from castile soap and essential oils instead of buying them all the time. I love the look of these dark brown glass containers for the bathroom, much nicer than most packaging.

I really hope you found this post useful. Don’t forget to look at everyone I’ve linked to see their great ideas and products. Have fun making more sustainible choices!


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