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Today I wanted to get a little personal with you all. I’ve always shared my life on my blog and as Simon and I are going through such a big life shift at the moment it felt right to jot it down. Hopefully some of you will find these pregnancy stories useful / interesting / insightful and I know I’ll really enjoy reading about them in the future. Every pregnancy is different and I wanted to share my story.

*Disclaimer - I know that discussing pregnancy and babies can be difficult for some people. If you’re struggling to conceive my heart goes out to you. Also, if you have no interest in babies you probably won’t want to read these posts.


So - Simon and I are expecting our first baby on June the 16th 2019. This post will cover the very early stages of my pregnancy as well as our short journey before hand.

The Baby Talk

I have wanted to have babies with Simon for many many years I just wasn’t sure when the “right time” would present itself. We have both worked incredibly hard to ensure that relationship is open, honest and fair. That means that we are totally clear with each other about our feelings, we listen and adjust constantly. Something I highly recommend to any couple!

Because of this openness I was very very clear with Simon that I wanted to be pregnant during my 30th year. I was always a little bit ahead of him with the baby thing so I explained that most people conceive after 6 months of trying so it would be well over a year until we actually had a baby. We had no idea how long it would take, I was secretly hoping it would be very fast (oh boy was it).

Late Summer 2018 we stopped using contraception and very casually began “trying”. We weren’t actively trying to get pregnant, we just kinda went with it and didn’t expect anything to happen until we would begin properly trying months down the line.

Getting Pregnant

Without going into too much personal detail the day after my 30th was the day it happened. Looking back now it’s pretty funny as in Jan 2018 I had told Simon “Ideally I’d be pregnant with our 1st when I’m 30”. Boom! on September the 23rd, the day after I’d turned 30, I was already pregnant.

Obviously Simon and I are incredibly lucky to conceive on the very first try, I know that’s not the norm so I feel as though our bodies must be super compatible or something. However, when you fall pregnant so unexpectedly it feels like such a shock.

So all this was when we were in Turkey, at the very beginning of our holiday. Here’s my birthday post on Instagram, and around a week later I had already convinced myself I was pregnant. I felt out of sorts, I had cramping in my lower back, a bit like period pains and I just knew there was something happening in there! Around 5 days before my period was due I bought an early pregnancy test, I know I was super keen but I just needed to know!

The day I took the test we’d had a horrible day. There was a huge thunder storm and our boat over to Greece had left early without telling us, we got caught in the rain at the harbour, our bus back to the house broke down and we were also in bad moods. Once we got home I took the test and it came back negative. I was a little disappointed but also felt stupid for thinking it would happen that easily. Simon said that it was a cursed day anyway so we should be glad the news didn’t happen then!

Me on our favourite Greek island, 10 days after getting pregnant

Me on our favourite Greek island, 10 days after getting pregnant

The Positive Test

We went about the rest of our holiday, I assumed I wasn’t pregnant so it was all back to normal for me. On the last day of the holiday, around two weeks after the conception, I started to feel queasy. Yup morning sickness hit me that fast! I also had a bit of spotting which I assumed was my period turning up a bit early (it was actually implantation bleeding). I didn’t really want to eat or drink much and it was hard to enjoy our last dinner. That night Simon turned to me and said “I think you might actually be pregnant”. He’s always surprisingly perceptive. I shook it off but by the time we were on the plane home I was fully convinced too.

The next day back in London I went out for a run and all I could think about was the fact I might be pregnant. I took myself right to the chemist and bought a test. It was an immediate positive result. I was totally floored. I couldn’t believe it. How could it happen so quickly? I was in floods of tears feeling a mix of joy, fear, shock and generally overwhelmed.

When Simon got home from work I made him close his eyes and I placed the test in his hand. When he opened his eyes his reaction was “OHH”. Before I got pregnant I always expected this news to be an overwhelming sense of happiness but in reality it was a whole mix of everything. We were very quiet that week and barely spoke about it, I think we were both really scared and knew we would be leaving London. The plan was always to move back up to where I grew up in the North East, so suddenly not only are we thinking about this baby but also about finding new jobs, friends and a place to live at the other side of the country.

My amazing Simon in Greece

My amazing Simon in Greece

Settling In

For around two weeks this pregnancy was the elephant in the room. I’d say we were 50% happy and 50% confused. We finally had a chat once we’d sorted our heads out and soon realised that although we were scared the overwhelming joy of having a baby made that fear fizzle away. As soon as we discussed it I began to really connect with the little dot inside me. I think the shock of the speed at which it all happened really knocked us for six but after around a month we were so much more settled and ready to be parents.

From the beginning this pregnancy has been a rollercoaster but I’m so happy to say that we’ve really found our stride and I love Simon more than I ever have.

In the next post I’ll be covering my first trimester, which to be honest was mainly a hellscape of severe nausea, dehydration and misery! BUT now I’m in the second trimester I almost feel like myself again. I hope you enjoyed this first instalment.


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