Nursery Ideas that won't Sacrifice your Style

I started my nursery Pinterest board way before we were even talking about having a baby, ooops. I just get so excited about these things, babies + new interior project = happy Nancy. My general goal for our future nursery is to create a gender neutral room which is nature focussed with traditional elements, lots of earthy tones and calming elements.

This post features items that were given to me from Sarah & Bendrix.

An adorable selection of toys for the baby that I also love!

An adorable selection of toys for the baby that I also love!

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant and Simon and I have started packing up our flat ready for the big move. If you didn’t know we are leaving our flat in London to hopefully find something larger up in the North East. I grew up in Newcastle and we’re both so excited for our new lives up there. We’ll be moving at the end of March but I couldn’t resist having a play around with a few baby things in our current flat.

Finding a Style

So you’re having a baby (or you hope to soon), that doesn’t mean that your style has to completely go out the window. Yes, some things will have to change but there is such a wonderful variety of children’s products out there it’s pretty much impossible to not find something chic. Whether you love traditional, Scandinavian, industrial or mid-century interiors I promise with a little research you’ll be able to find baby toys and decor that suit you.

My personal style is a mix of modern rustic, boho and mid-century. I love traditional wooden toys, vintage books and handwoven baskets in kids rooms so I was absolutely delighted to discover the beautiful store Sarah & Bendrix. The owner Veronika was so kind and recently sent me a selection of their products, they perfectly represent our style and match our home perfectly.

Some of the beautiful items that Sarah & Bendrix stock

Some of the beautiful items that Sarah & Bendrix stock

Mood Board it

If you’re really unsure where to start make a digital or physical mood boord of your dream nursery. Think about the colours, textures, style, pattern, furniture and you’ll soon get a sense of the vibe you should be going for. I have a Pinterest board for anything baby related which has really helped narrow down my style, after all it had to work for the baby and for me. Above is a quick mini board I created on Photoshop, it really gives a sense of my style and what I’d like to see in the room

Figuring out whats Important

How you do you want to feel in the nursery? You’ll probably be spending a lot of time in there as your little one grows up so think about how you’ll use the space and what atmosphere you want to create. Do you want to feel calm, nurtured, refreshed? I want our nursery to evoke feelings of calm whilst also being a fun space to hang out in, I love the colour green so I plan to paint the room in a mid-toned grey / green shade. I also love the idea of wooden toys to bring in more of that natural feeling. Luckily Sarah & Bendrix have an amazing selection of wooden toys that would suit any nursery.

Sweet baby girl at 20 weeks and the beautiful changing basket and toys from Sarah & Bendrix

Sweet baby girl at 20 weeks and the beautiful changing basket and toys from Sarah & Bendrix

Shopping Smart

We won’t be moving to a five bed house anytime soon so it was important to consider what we actually needed. The main reason why I wanted to choose neutral items made out of things like wicker and wood is because I love the look of them, not only will our baby get so much use out of these items but I’ll want to keep them for decoration purposes too. As an example, instead of getting a bog standard plastic changing mat I fell in love with this Olli Ella seagrass mat. Its so much prettier, eco friendly and i’ll use it for years to store things like books, blankets and toys.

It’s really important to think about how to items will be used, especially when your baby grows out of them. I get so much joy looking at that floral teddy bear that I know I’ll want to keep it forever!


Sparking Joy in your Home

It’s all well and good having a space for your baby that ticks all the boxes for the child but your feelings are important too. I really value the importance of having a beautiful home, in fact having a welcoming and beautiful space is one of the most important things to me. As a new parent you should be able to benefit in some way when you begin to introduce baby items into your home. Each item should spark joy (to quote Marie Kondo) and to me that means as little bright plastic stuff as possible!

Items from Sarah & Bendrix

Seagrass changing mat, floral patterned teddy, wooden dog toy, wooden mouse toy, dog illustration print, bee card, new baby card, migration picture book.


It’s a big transition but I think that if you’re able to stay true to your style there’s no reason why your can’t enjoy your nursery as much as your baby! Thanks so much to Sarah & Bendrix for sending me all those lovely things.


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