Sleeping Soundly with Leesa

If you are a regular visitor to my Instagram grid you may know that I have bouts of terrible insomnia. The last period of sleepless nights started just before Christmas and lasted until late June. Something that really didn't help my sleeping (or lack thereof) situation was our cheap mattress. 


I was getting between 2-4 hours of sleep a night and our uncomfortable mattress really wasn't helping things. Simon and I wanted to purchase a modern foam mattress for ages, we couldn't decide which one to get and after many reviews later we decided enough was enough, we just needed to bite the bullet and have comfortable bed! The evening before we were set to purchase one I received an email from Leesa asking If I would like to review one of their mattresses on my blog. What are the chances of that? I obviously said yes right away feeling extremely lucky to have received that message at the perfect moment. 


Now, about our old mattress - it was old, uncomfortable, squeaky and the springs jabbed me in the back all the time! I actually don't know how I managed for as long as I did. Simon has always been a better sleeper than me, he's usually out like a light (not jealous at all) so I think we stuck it out for so long as I felt guilty making him pay half for something he didn't really "need". 

Well now I feel like a total idiot for waiting so long as this Leesa mattress has totally changed the way we sleep. 


Unlike our old sprung mattress Leesa uses a top layer of foam which allows air-flow for a cooler night’s sleep, this has been essential during the London heatwave! There's also a memory foam layer that provides the body contouring and pressure relief. As someone who had suffered with back pain since my teenage years I can't tell you how much of an improvement I've experienced, I would wake up after sleeping on my old mattress and not be able to move my neck!

Something else worth mentioning is that Simon tends to be quite noisy when he moves around, he has a habit of slamming about a bit. This used to drive be bonkers but I've noticed that the Leesa mattress is really quiet and it seems like it also absorbs noise and movement which is perfect if your partner moves around a lot in the night. 


I managed to drag the box that the mattress comes in up three flights of stairs but if you're getting anything bigger than a double I would suggest a strong person will need to help you out! Once the mattress is out of the box it takes around an hour to puff up, I'd unbox it as soon as you're able to just to make sure it's totally fluffed up before bedtime. 

I am so glad we decided to give Leesa a try and we are most definitely not going to need to use their 100 night free trail, we are keeping ours for good. The mattress has made such a difference on my quality of sleep and although I still have some minor back pain on bad days it is so much better than it was before. 


If you've been meaning to try out a modern foam mattress like me, I actually have a discount code for you to use on the Leesa site.  You can get a huge £100 off your order. Make sure to use the code HELLONANCY at the checkout. 

Leesa gifted me the matress in exchange for a review on my blog but, as always, all my views are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small percentage of a sale if you click the links and purchase a product.


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