Celebrating Creative Graduates with Joules

I recently spent two amazing afternoons exploring New Designers to view the work of the UK's most talented creative graduates. Just like last year, I was invited along by British clothing brand Joules to explore the show, meet the graduates and find out more about their amazing work. after a lovely lunch at Bourne and hollingsworth (a must visit if you're in london) it was off to the show!


New Designers gathers more than 3,000 of the brightest and most radical new creative minds under one roof to launch the next generation of designers and makers. It was wonderful to see such inspirational creative talent under one roof. Today, I'm going to show you my personal favourites from the textile, illustration and graphic design shows and also explain how brands like Joules help nurture and support young talent. 

Each year Joules sponsors awards at the show the winner receives a £500  cash prize and paid work placement. Whilst I was at the show the lovely Joules team also told me that they hire a lot of grads who exhibit at New Designers, which is a great thing to hear during this tough creative climate. As a printed textile alum I know how hard it is to land work when you graduate!

Ok, let's get on with the best of the show.

textile design


Remy Goddard won the Joules Print Award and I am so glad she did. Her illustrations and print designs look as though they've been designed by someone who's worked in the industry for years. They are considered yet naive and I think the coastal theme is so sweet.


Anna Hopkins produced some truly stunning woven work which also featured sun prints, the blue leafy designs really reminded me of being little as I would spend hours with my sun print kit! I also loved the navy blue and peach colour pallet.


Becky Knott's (perfect name for a textile designer!) use of colour and conversational prints really caught my eye. The pastel pink noodle arms are so cute.


Robyn Nisbet had one of the most interesting stands at New Designers, it immediately drew me in. Robyn specialises in using natural dyeing techniques in her work which is a practice I absolutely love. Her colour pallet of rust, peach and mustard was beautiful too. 


El Riordan's work features her favourite areas of the Uk, she has created textured and abstract prints that feature wonderful colours. I think the print techniques she used perfectly capture the rugged nature of the british countryside.


Jeyeon Lee (unfortunately I couldn't find a website or instagram account for jeyeon). Her work was beautiful, I loved the romanesque ladies, they reminded me of picasso's mythological  prints. The soft peachy colour pallette is also a favourite of mine. 

illustration & graphic design


victoria sandoy's work was the first to catch my eye when we were exploring the illustration section. it's well worth you popping over to her website to see her beautiful folk tale drawings.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.51.03.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.56.14.png

Megan williams' main project promoted the importance of creative education in schools. Fun-dead is An organisation which aims to raise awareness of the creativity crisis in education. 

Meg won the Joules award for graphics and illustration. Her use of colour, type and the injection of her own sense of justice made her work stand out as one to watch for me too.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.00.00.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.59.39.png

evy prentice creates these gorgeously bright screen-printed buildings which celebrate the beautiful dutch and Flemish gabled houses found in norwich. I also wanted to include one of her woven pieces too as a textile fan, i couldn't resist!


Last but certainly not least is frauke schyroki, a very talented illustrator who creates really stunning abstract collage and mimimal fashion illustrations. I could definitly see frauke's work up on my wall. 

I hope you'll agree that the graduate work on display at this year's new designers looks as though it's been crated by people well beyond the their years and experience. An all round inspirational and fun show! if you're currently in uni I would highly recommend you exhibiting when you graduate. 

If you're interested in learning more about how Joules supports and nurtures young talent have a look at this post on their website, which breaks down how they've worked with graduates in the past. 

Thanks to joules for a really lovely few days! This post was a paid collabroration with Joules, but as always my opionons are my own. 

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