My Pregnancy Journey - The Second Trimester

It’s time for part three in my pregnancy diary, I hope you’re ready to hear all about my second trimester! Please click here to read all about my first trimester - it was hard let me tell you!

My second trimester has been slightly easier, but to be honest it’s still been very very difficult. I love being pregnant but my poor body needs a break! I’m not strictly at the end of my second trimester yet but I’ve had so many symptoms that I know I’ll forget if I don’t get them all down now.

Here I’m wearing my favourite pregnancy outfit, a tunic and leggings!

Here I’m wearing my favourite pregnancy outfit, a tunic and leggings!

13-16 Weeks

After Simon and I came back from New York I had a terrible week of morning sickness. I was throwing up constantly, I couldn’t move from my bed or sofa and I became so lonely. I couldn’t even look at people when they were talking as I actually got motion sickness from watching their heads and lips move! After a very teary eyed day I booked another appointment with my doctor to go back on my anti-sickness meds which took the edge off.

My sickness gradually got better as the weeks wore on, I was still throwing up every few days but I could handle it. I even managed to cook a huge Christmas dinner for Simon’s family, between throwing up and dealing with a cold I’d caught. Pregnant women are super heros!

16-19 Weeks

A miracle! At this point my throwing up has really slowed down and its UNUSUAL for me to be sick. Huzzah! As the weeks went on I felt less and less sick and I’m managing work again, I feel as though I can do so much more and I’m also enjoying food which is great.

The closer I get to 20 weeks the better I feel. Simon and I are managing trips out around London and we even went away for the weekend. It felt so good to visit a few of our friends in Suffolk in mid-jan, my only real complaint was that I felt tired. I can’t express just how debilitating and lonely severe morning sickness is, I felt like a new person.

20 Weeks

the 20 week mark has to have it’s own little section as this was when we found out the sex of our baby. Simon and I were absolutely wishing for a girl. We’d wanted one our entire relationship so I was so excited to find out. I was obviously also nervous as I was scared to see if the baby was still healthy and happy. Luckily all the tests came back a-ok and I’m still a low risk. So what are we having?..

A flipping girl!

A flipping girl!

Ahhhhhhh! OMG we’re having a girl! Simon and I are so so happy. We have a name chosen and I feel so much more connected to her now (I wasn’t sure that was possible).

20-23 Weeks

This was the point where I was only experiencing little bits of nausea (I don’t think it will ever go away until she’s out) acid reflux and tiredness. I’ve never felt so good this entire pregnancy. The beginning of Feb was definitely the best time for me. I got lots of styling work projects done, most of which was very physical, I went to press events and I started socialising more with friends.

Baby Straughan has started kicking really strong. Like biiiiiig kicks! She seems really happy in there and having the time of her life. I had a solid FIVE days of feeling “normal”. Minimal sickness, my energy was pretty good and not much pain anywhere. And then I caught a virus.

Baby Straughan at 20 weeks, she’s so flipping cute.

Baby Straughan at 20 weeks, she’s so flipping cute.

23-25 Weeks

So this virus hits me out of nowhere. I get scared as I have a high fever and I’m paranoid that my temperature will hurt the baby. I spend the first few nights barely sleeping as I’m so worried, I’m constantly checking that she’s still moving around in there. Luckily after around three days things settle down. However, I’m left with a cough that ruins my pelvic floor! Every time I sneeze or cough I wet myself which if 50% annoying as hell and 50% hilarious.

One day Simon and I are in town and I develop this sharp pain in my groin. I shake it off thinking it’s tight muscles. That night I do a lot of stretching to try and ease it. The next morning I wake up and I can barely move. Turns out I have pelvic girldle pain / SPD. I’m in excruciating pain, I can’t walk, lift things (even a pillow is too heavy) or bend over. I’m stuck in the flat for three days as I can’t get down the stairs. I’m crying a lot - again!

If you’re interested I’d google pelvic girdle pain but I have it because I’m hyper mobile and the relaxin hormone in my system has pulled my pelvis apart and out of place. Yeah - imagine the feeling of having your bones pulled apart! My hip and leg bones grid together too - it’s nasty. Lots of grinding and popping sounds and it’s very very sore to sit down. Luckily I’m seeing an osteopath which is really helping and I just need to be sensible and look after myself.

Me at 24 weeks, smiling through the pelvic girdle pain!

Me at 24 weeks, smiling through the pelvic girdle pain!

My Main Symptoms

  • Pelvic girdle pain

  • Leg and foot cramps

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Mild nausea - smells really set me off but not eating which is weird!

  • Indigestion

  • Acid Reflux

  • Leaking boobs (yes already!)

  • Tiredness

  • Super dry skin and hair - oh glow where are you?

Honestly the hardest thing to deal with right now is my pelvis pain. It’s definitely better and I’m working really hard to look after myself. But daily tasks are hard, like sitting at my desk, I just can’t do it. I’ve ordered a birthing ball in the hopes that will ease some of the pain though.

I love being pregnant though - it really is the best, which weird as I’ve had such a terrible time! I guess that’s motherhood for you.


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