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soulful styling


Nancy straughan is a full service styling company. from bespoke design, project management and on-the-day support. Nancy's warm character and love of authenticity lets her work take on a soulful quality to leave her clients with beautifully considered spaces or products.

Born and raised in the North east of england in a creative household nancy attributes many of her skills to her art filled upbringing. Nancy's father was the creative director of an advertising firm & filled his spare time with painting, photography and furniture design. Nancy's Mother worked as a photographic and interior stylist and created a beautiful family home. Nancy's parents regularly worked together, peter would design the adverts and yve would style them, their collaborations lead to a sense of warmth in the finished work . These memories of her family happily working together has always inspired nancy to design with heart and soul.

Nancy has been fascinated by styling work since shadowing her mother from an early age. she has always felt strongly about the importance of creating beautiful spaces which also feel honest and welcoming. The way we style our homes should reflect who we are and each space should tell a personal story. Nancy feels that design shouldn't be influenced by trendy fads, instead her styling reflects warmth, history and longevity.

nancy regularly styles weddings, brand events, interior projects and product shoots. she is also a talented graphic designer so if you're also looking for place cards, invites, menus or signage she's your girl.