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styling and design from the heart

Hello and welcome! My name is Nancy I'm a stylist and designer living in London. I champion real living and I'm also passionate about authenticity and beauty in the everyday. I love to create spaces filled with warmth and soul, to create homes where families gather, events that inspire and imagery that show products in their best light. Find out more about me and my work by taking a look at the links below.


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Relaxed And Natural Halloween Display Ideas

I’m not sure I actually need words this time, the beautiful floral displays created by Gee at Bloom & Burn do all the talking. I was so glad to be working with him for this beautiful halloween post. I came back from Turkey after enjoying the hot sun…

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How to Create a Mood Board

Whenever I post a photo of one of my mood boards on instagram I make a mental note to write a blog post about how I do it, I’m finally getting around to writing it! I find them so relaxing to make as well as a good creative exercise…

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My Favourite Ethical Clothing Brands

There’s been a lot of talk online recently about the fast fashion industry. from the William Morris x h&m debate to the new BBC documentary Stacey Dooley investigates : fashion's dirty secrets which everyone I know seems to be talking about.....

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My Autumn Loves

I’m writing this post sitting at the kitchen table whilst on holiday in Turkey. It’s set to be stormy for the next couple of days so I thought why not make the most of being stuck indoors and write a blog post? Well here we are, I hope you enjoy my Autumn loves…

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stoke newington, london


My studio is based in the trendy, leafy and creative north London suburb of Stoke Newington. I've lived here with with my lovely husband for five years, it's the perfect place for good coffee and creative chats.

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