Nancy is a pattern designer based in London, she produces beautiful homeware and accessories crafted from her own unique range of organic printed fabrics. Nancy absolutely loves teaching and she runs a range of creative workshops from printmaking to small business seminars. If you'd like to learn a new skill and get creative have a look at the workshop calendar page. 

Nancy focuses on combining classic sophistication with uncompromising attention to detail for each collection and product. Inspired by the motifs seen in Scandinavian and 1950s textiles she creates simple and refreshing contemporary products for you and your home. You can expect to find her daydreaming about leaves with a sketchbook in her hand. 

Sustainability is at the heart of what Nancy creates. Each pattern is printed onto ethically sourced textiles and every single product is made in England. Rather than letting the designs follow trends, each print and product is created thoughtfully to last for years to come.

Nancy strives to be as transparent as possible with regards to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The desire to live and work in a way that is kind to the earth has led to many positive choices for Nancy; everything from inks, print fabrics, down to the packaging of your items are  kept as eco-friendly as possible. Please see below for a list of sustainable methods that are practiced daily.


For Nancy, design always starts with a sketchbook. Ideas, notes, motifs and repeats are all jotted down ready to be turned into a pattern or product. The design process is very hands on and the computer is only really used to tidy things up a little. As you can see, Nancy's patterns contain lots of texture and this is achieved by taking mountains of photos, scanning tree bark, stones and crystals and lots of messy work with ink. Nancy still uses lots of printing and drawing techniques she learned at art school and makes sure to document everything she finds inspiring. 

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