Body Confidence During Pregnancy

As someone who always liked to look put together this pregnancy has taught me the importance of being comfortable, physically and mentally, with how I dress. In a way I now worry less abut how I look as I have much more important things going on - which feels really nice!

*This post features clothing from PinkBlush which were sent to me for free

Here I’m wearing the  Green Striped High Neck Top

Here I’m wearing the Green Striped High Neck Top

Body confidence

There have been times in my life (thanks to my anxiety) where I have absolutely hated myself. We all go through patches of low self esteem and it can be so hard to get past it. During the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy my body had already changed so much as I began to show very early on. I remember opening the drawer that held all my trousers and skirts and absolutely nothing fitted.

During my 12 week scan I wore a skirt that I had to leave completely undone as I hadn’t bought myself any maternity clothes. I was uncomfortable and self conscious. I initially thought I could get by on what I had and I really didn’t deserve new things. When I realised that I wasn’t looking after the basic need of clothing myself I got a bit upset.

Opening your wardrobe and feeing completely overwhelmed because you can’t find anything that makes you feel good is not a nice feeling. I was living in a pair of my dad’s old dungarees which were comfortable but so unflattering. I love them but they’re decades old, really baggy and have stains on, so not the best for self confidence!

The Striped Ruffle Dress  was perfect for a day out in Kew Gardens

The Striped Ruffle Dress was perfect for a day out in Kew Gardens

Looking after my needs

After weeks of feeling uncomfortable in too tight or unflattering clothes I decided that it was time I bought something that would help me feel more like “me” again. I bought myself a few materiality items, a dress and two pairs of trousers and I filled two of those big IKEA bags full of clothes that I knew I wouldn’t wear until the baby was here. I was also really kindly given two lovely pieces from the maternity clothing store Pinkblush. Having a wardrobe where every single item fits (until I get huge!) is a revelation. I can open it up and cherry pick a perfect outfit for the day, even if thats just some jogging bottoms and a cardigan.

A lot of your identity is challenged when you’re pregnant. You need new clothes, you need to take it slower, you need to eat differently etc. I ended up loosing a lot of things that used to make me happy or calm me down. Life is all about adjustment right now and finding new things for my new body.


Making changes for me

Instead of looking at all the things I can’t wear / eat / do I think about how I can make positive changes to my lifestyle. This was a lesson I learnt during our trip to New York in November. By sticking to my “Nancy Schedule” I was able to enjoy each day with Simon rather than feeling as though I was missing out.

What I did was this…

  • I ate when I needed to

  • I wore nice comfortable clothes rather than only focussing on looking fashionable

  • I walked as much as I could and when I was tired I took a break

  • I slept as much as I needed to

  • I took it easy and didn’t plan too much in the day

Small changes in your everyday life can really help with confidence issues. I can’t comfortably go for a run any more but I’ve found so much joy in walking instead. I can’t ware those trousers I love but I will again one day and in the meantime there are wonderful maternity outfits!

The clothes I was very kindly sent from Pinkblush (especially the black dress) have really helped me feel more me. It makes such a difference having clothes that support your changing body rather than make you feel as though you’re loosing out

I hope you enjoyed this post, whether you’re pregnant or going through some other form of body change.


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