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In March Simon and I will be leaving our small but much loved flat in London to find a new place to live near where I grew up in Newcastle. I’m very happy to be moving but of course we’ll both miss London so much, our flat may be teeny but we’ve lived there for almost six years so it’ll be a hard move. We’re both really looking forward to creating a new family home and I see it as a great design opportunity!

A stunning living room design by  Amber Interiors

A stunning living room design by Amber Interiors

Kind of like a visual diary I wanted to write this post as the beginning stages of the design of our dream home. It’s unlikely that we’ll be buying somewhere for at least a year but it’s so fun to plan! I’ll also definitely try to implement some of these ideas whilst we’re still renting.

For each room I’ve chosen three images that show the general vibe of the space I’d love to design, there’s lots of pale neutrals with hints of green, navy mustard and peach. At the bottom of the post I’ve selected my go to colour palettes and the textures I’m loving too, they might be handy if you share my style.

I’d say my style has evolved to be 60% modern rustic, 20% Mid-Century and 20% Bohemian.

The Living Room


1. The first image is a grown up way to do boho, it’s not too messy and I love the mustard colour.

2. I chose this image as I love Mid-Century and this living room shows how you can modernise that style slightly.

3. This living room is definitely a little more boho but it’s still very fresh and clean, I’m not a fan of hectic rooms!

The Bedroom


1. I would absolutely love a four poster bed and I also really like the framed artwork and hints of mustard.

2. I’d like to introduce some panelling in one of the rooms, I love the cosy vibe with the wall sconce.

3. Again this room is a little more boho, I love it but I would probably change up the fabrics a bit so they weren’t all global inspired.

The Kitchen


1. I would love the kitchen to have a modern farmhouse vibe and shaker style kitchens have always been a favourite.

2. The open shelving with the dark wood and green marble splash back is so gorgeous!

3. To me this perfectly incapsulates the modern country boho look that I love at the moment.

The Bathroom


1. Like the kitchen I want our bathroom to have that modern rustic look, so the panelling and wall hooks used here really work.

2. Although it still has that rustic vibe this bathroom is a touch more modern in style and makes me want to stick to a more contemporary look.

3.This bathroom would make me feel as if I’m on holiday in Greece or Spain, I love the soft architecture.

The Nursery


1.I definitely want to have a gender neutral nursery with a clean boho feel so I love this first image.

2.This room blends Scandi with boho which is perfect if I decide to go for something lighter.

3.This is basically my perfect nursery, dark green, nature inspired but still with some modern farmhouse touches.

The Colours & Textures


1.The palette that keeps cropping up is off white with touches of green and muted terracotta. I love it!

2. I love linen and stripes, both rustic and simple.

3. Brick, peach and warm whites are all beautiful tones for any room. I love the texture too.

4. Cane is something that I would love to introduce and I think the material works in so many interior styles.

I hope you enjoyed that little insight into my interior decoration and styling ideas for our next home. I’d love to make this a series so the next post will focus on shopping for particular pieces.


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